Clare Wigfall (1976 …)

 Caro at the Pool

The title sounds like something out of a Hockney painting, the story itself is a brief sketch, very visual – I can see the drawing panning out in front of my eyes. So it was no surprise, when I searched for the story title on line, and came across an interview mentioning Carol at the Pool, to find that Wigfall had an early interest in becoming an artist.  She sums up what the essence of the story is in that interview

‘In fact, I remember with “Caro” I was consciously thinking about the drawings I’d made as a very small child, the clarity and confidence with which I used line. I wanted to write a story like that, something pared down, close to a sketch on a page (it can actually fit on one side of A4), that would capture the essence of what it was like  ……’

I’ve cut the quotation short in order to avoid spoilers as it’s really important to know nothing about this story before you start reading. First impressions are key.

I found Caro in the Pool in The Loudest Sound and Nothing (2007), Wigfall’s debut collection of short stories.  The Story was first published in the Daily Expres in 2001.




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