Ali Smith

A story of folding and unfolding

I’m not sure if today’s choice could be further from Dickens (13th January), but I was in a hurry and plucked a well thumbed collection from the shelf on the basis that I’d find a short, short story that I could read quickly.  Best laid plans and all that …..  I had to read the story twice just because I might have missed a bit of the layering, or a subtle nuance.  Then I had to ponder about it for a while…. so glad I was in a hurry today!

Selected from Ali Smith’s 1995 collection Free Love and Other Stories A story of folding and unfolding deals with love and loss.  I’m an Ali Smith fan and this story doesn’t disappoint.  In just a few short pages we are spun the story of a life through the use of women’s underwear as a metaphor. Sounds strange maybe, but it works so well.

I’ve begun to notice a tendency towards sadness in a number of stories I’ve read so far.  This one is sad but uplifting too.


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